Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Pictures!

There's not much new to say but I do have some new pictures!

These were taken on his 2 month birthday.

Lying in the arms of his daddy

This is one of his favorite looks--I think it's full of mischief

Lewis had to jump up and make sure everything was ok.

His Aunt T bought him a Bumbo--it arrived today so we took it for a test drive! He LOVES it. He still needs a little help with his head but as he gets stronger, I imagine he'll spend lots of time in his chair!

Sitting in daddy's chair

Thanks for all of your suggestions on sleep. We've already read (well, perused really because time and energy are so short) Babywise, No Cry Sleep Solution, and Happiest Baby on the Block, and we're working on Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. We've gleaned things from each one and tried different things, but just can't seem to find the fit that works for Matthew and our family. Hopefully the pediatrician will have some suggestions for us. He actually sleeps well and goes right back down after eating--it's just convincing him that he really won't starve if he doesn't eat every two hours that is the problem. When he wakes, he completes a full feeding so he really IS hungry--I just can't figure out why it's still so often. So, we'll keep trying different things and see if we can't get some more rest for all of us. Thanks for all of your suggestions.


  1. Most babies have a growth spurt around 2 months of age and go back to nursing throughout the night (even if they'd previously lengthened the time between feedings). So eating every few hours really isn't unusual for a 2 month old.

  2. Em-The problem is that he has never grown away from that. He's been on a 2 hour feed cycle his entire life. His growth spurts go to 45 minutes and 1 hour cycles.

  3. Another book suggestion: Dr. Sears' The Baby Sleep Book. I know it seems awful now but he will start to sleep better as he gets closer to doubling his birth weight as our Dr. says.

  4. What an adorable chublet, Jen! He is so cute!!!! And he's grown so much since I got to hold him! Wow, can't wait to see him in person again!

    With both of my babies, life has not reached the "okay, I guess I'm not going to die" phase of postpartum recovery until at least the 90 day mark. Don't give up hope! There is life after baby arrives!

    Hope to see you soon!

  5. He's so cute~ love his mischievous look!

  6. I had a friend this happened to and they discovered that her breast milk was "skim" and wasn't keeping him full enough. You might check with your pedi about it. -kriss

  7. I hope he's sleeping a bit better for you now. He sounds similar to my Tucker - he was off the charts large when he was born (9 lb 14 oz) and has just now "slimmed" down to the 75th percentile. Hungry boy! My grocery bills are through the roof with two boys.

    Anyway, he's absolutely precious! Enjoy :)