Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nightlight Gala and Placing Family Blog

Todd and I had the privilege of attending Nightlight's 50th Anniversary Gala this weekend, where we had the privilege of learning more about their ministry, of partaking in it, of spending quality time with our Placing Family (despite Satan's best efforts to the contrary), of basking in good fellowship with other friends, and with making new friends as we met the Director of Nightlight (a personal hero for us!), and other Snowflake Families, including another placing family and several adopting families. We are grateful for the gift God gave us in being able to attend. May God continue to richly bless Nightlight and vastly expand its reach.

You may have noticed a new link on the right. Our Placing Family (Genetic Family) has begun a website. It is here. Both they and we have a heart for being transparent about this issue, and for giving interested parties access to both sides of the coin. She invites anyone who is interested to read, and please feel free to share the link with anyone who might be interested. For those of you who read who are our personal family and friends, please realize that this is her blog, with her experiences and emotions. Some of them are negative, and could unintentionally be hurtful to or difficult for Todd and I. Sheila and Beau have been very respectful to us and we have had many lengthy conversations about the kinds of things we share on our blogs. We have pretty much given them carte blanche to tell any part of their story that involves us that they want, including the tough stuff. Please resist the temptation to be defensive for us, and continue to pray for all 4 of us as God takes our story to far greater reaches than we could have imagined. We have a mutual trust and respect for each other and for our respective children, and both a joint and individual dependence on the Lord and ultimately, that's all that matters. God will work out the details. May God continue to strengthen and protect all of us, and take this story wherever He wills.

Lastly, if you did not see the post from a few days ago, we have started a new blog. This blog will continue to exist for Adoption and Infertility related posts. However our personal updates are now on another blog. Please email me if you did not get the link and would like to have it. If you are a stranger, please in your email give me a few details about who you are and please forgive me if I do not feel comfortable in responding.

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