Thursday, May 8, 2008


When I met DH, I inherited an amazing set of grandparents who have treated me as family from the moment I met them.

I just went out to get the mail. There in the box was an envelope in my favorite color, addressed to me in Grandma's familiar handwriting. I saw it and my heart caught in my chest. I was almost afraid to open it.

As I opened the envelope, my heart swelled. Grandma had sent me a card titled "For the Mother-to-Be." I don't even have any words right now except to say that this card will forever live amongst my most precious cars and letters, tucked safely in to baby's hope chest, once I can bear to put it away.

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa. I love you.


  1. oh....that's so sweet. How blessed you are to be among family who thinks of you and your needs during this holiday weekend.

  2. You are indeed blessed to have such an understanding and supportive family, who just really seem to "get it". Happy Mother-to-be Day!

  3. That is precious!!! I would have melted on the spot.

    I am also reading "Twenty things..." Good so far! Different from what I was expecting, but informative nontheless.

    I also had to read "Because I Loved You: A Birth Mother's View of Open Adoption". I have to tell you--this book is a must read!! It will not directly apply to someone with embryo adoption, but it was eye opening. It really put some things into perspective for me. I highly recommend it.

    I've also got a copy of "I'm Chocolate, You're Vanilla" coming since we're doing transracial adoption. I'm ready to read that one! :)

    We're excited. Visit my other blog (the one titled William and Glenna) to get more of our adoption updates.

    Happy Mother's Day, Mom-to-be!!

  4. Aw...that is super sweet! I'm glad you are blessed with a good support system. You seem so sweet, I'm sure that's not hard to do for you :-)